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​Chapter 1



The Vecks

(Dark Age)

ASGARD is located in the center of the world. Not just rich in its ecosytem, but danger too. It is full of ferocious beasts, plants that emit deadly poisonous gas, and various unknown dangers. In order to survive here, the ancestors of the Vecks began to make weapons to fight against behemoths, build their home by using the terrain to avoid poison gas. With their strong will to survive, they grow stronger and stronger on this land of danger.

Underground Ruins of Archecore

( 1 AC )

Under the leadership of the warrior Drave, the Vecks discovered the first ARCHECORE underground ruins, which contained a large amount of ancient civilization technology and the precious energy Blue Crystal. This discovery not only improved the craftsmanship of the Vecks, but also enabled them vastly develop their civilization by using the energy of Blue Crystal. In order to protect the ARCHECORE, they built a fortified and majestic city Kingdom of Veck on the surface of the ruins, and the history of the Gregorian era began.


Eight Kingdoms

( 1-110 AC )

In the hundred years since the AC era, explorers from other tribes have successively unearthed seven other ARCHECORE ruins on Asgard. They also imitated the Vecks and built their city above the ruins. The city eventually developed into a country, together with the Kingdom of Veck, they formed the eight kingdoms. The eight kingdoms in order are: Kingdom of Veck, Elmo Polis, Republic of Karsten, Shehrevar Duchies, Principality of Omar, the Kingdom of Lars, the Kingdom of Raoul, and the Nevile Dominion.

The Arche-Ymirus Resurrection Project

(310-411 AC)

As the application of ancient civilization technology extended to military research and development, the Kingdom of Veck began to secretly conduct research of Arche-Ymirus Resurrection Project. The goal is to use the Ymirus as a military weapon, they found out that there's a few special ethnics can connect with Ymirus's consciousness through mental power. The longer the connection, the greater the mental and physical consumption to the controller. And this mysterious has always been led by the king's most trusted family, The Lodbrok family.

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