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The seventh head of the Lodbrok family. Recipient of an excellent education and exacting military training from childhood, he was highly skilled with the war hammer, axe, and shield, making him a well-balanced fighter. At only 22, he was named a battle commander, becoming one of the youngest officers in the legion. 
He possessed the rare and powerful mental abilities of the Lodbrok family; during the resurrection ceremony of No. 3 Frost Light, part of King Granit's Arche-Ymirus Resurrection Project, he defeated numerous other candidates to become Frost Light's theonav. He was capable of fully controlling Frost Light from a distance with his mind while maintaining full consciousness and the freedom to act himself. His ability to remotely coordinate Frost Light's actions with his own made him highly effective in combined attacks against giant beasts.
His father Harald Lodbrok disappeared after the Twelve Days of Scourge. Ørn joined the Ursus Guard Legion at the king's suggestion; to restore his family and his father's honor, he took command of the Arche Soldiers charged with taking back the Elmo Polis. Under the escort of the brothers Halfdan and Sturla, he set out for the Elmo Polis. But his true purpose, known only to him, was to find his lost father.
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