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In contrast to his twin brother Halfdan, Sturla was known for his recklessness. He twice came from behind to win the Veck Iron Fist championship, becoming a legend across the kingdom. Meanwhile, he was better known for his battle rage among the enemy Karstenite forces than he was among his fellow Vecks.
He often sounded his battle trumpet—it served the same purpose as a Veck battle cry—and then, using an anti-armor rocket as a spear, charged the enemy astride Wolf Freki and skewered the enemy's mechanized armor to explosive effect; sometimes he hurled his rocket like a javelin to detonate an enemy ammunition dump and blow up the enemy camp.
"Freki brings hell on earth, then Sturla drinks hellfire and sings," said Karstenite troops, still terrified long after the fact.
Despite being polar opposites in personality, on a shared battlefield the brothers were perfectly in sync, alternating their attacks and covering each other's backs, whether at range or up close. When the situation called for it, they unleashed a continuous joint attack known as Twin Flames.
Their Arche beastmechs, Wolf Geri and Wolf Freki, could transform into giant fists to attack the enemy. They could also combine with Ørn's Frost Light to transform into Berserker, a battle mech with strength surpassing the old gods.
Some were curious why Halfan, the older and steadier brother, had a lower rank than Sturla. Supposedly it was because Halfdan preferred to act alone, which a higher rank would have made difficult, while the fearless Sturla required a higher rank so that his vanguard assault squad would submit to his leadership. But anyone who saw Sturla on the battlefield knew he had no need for rank to intimidate others. More likely, Halfdan hoped that a higher rank would restrain Sturla from being too reckless, and therefore offered his younger brother the rank of lieutenant while he himself retained the low and nearly meaningless rank of second lieutenant.
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