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Centaur Knight

Affiliated Legion


Mechanical Design

Next-generation large-scale mythical armor that can swiftly transform between centaur knight and motorcycle forms based on combat conditions.

Power System :
Mythical Engine.Blue Crystal Tube Hydraulic Power.

Armor Material:
Volcanic Crystal Alloy.

The Swift Rock Sloth is not a native species; its prototype is the giant sloth, a creature known for its slow and sluggish nature. However, under the influence of the abundant blue crystal energy on the Osga Continent, many biological populations were subjected to the effects of mutagenic energy. These creatures evolved an organ called the firefly and underwent a biological phenomenon known as 'Embedding,' resulting in a fusion of distinct features. This gave rise to the collectively termed 'Embed Beasts,' an aberrant species. Among them, the giant sloth fused with simian characteristics, deviating from its original form and metamorphosing into a new species capable of standing upright and agile climbing, known as the 'Swift Rock Sloth.
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