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Trekking Tortoise Destroyer

ARC-36 皇家商會 驅敵旅龜-1.png

Affiliated Legion

Royal Merchant Guild

ARC-36 皇家商會 驅敵旅龜-2.png

Biological Setting

The 'Never-Returning Sand Sea' features the most vibrant creature, known for its tenacious carrying capacity and unparalleled trekking abilities, making it the preferred mount for long journeys.

Power System : Firefly Organ
Armor Material : Biogenic Material

The Traveling Turtle possesses incredible vitality and long-distance trekking abilities. It can utilize the "firefly" organ inside its body to convert blue crystals into energy, activating a Soul Magnetic Field with its turtle shell. This, combined with the repulsive effect of the hidden blue crystal particles in the sand sea, generates a faint cushioning effect for moderate gliding movements. In emergencies, it can retract its six limbs and head, deploying a temporary air-cushioned sliding force to evade sandstorms, sand pirates, and vicious Embed Beasts.
Due to prolonged attacks from sand pirates, the trading consortium has mounted harpoons and machine guns on the back of the Traveling Turtle to counter Embed Beasts and sand pirates. The Traveling Turtle has transformed into a formidable firepower platform, becoming a version designed for expulsion. The turtle shell itself provides substantial protection, preventing Embed Beasts from biting, making it an excellent defensive unit for merchant caravans.
Once these concepts were implemented, the figures of the Defender Traveling Turtles became a common sight in the caravan columns of major trade caravans in Omah. Equipped with spare weapons and blue crystal energy canisters, they stand firm in the lengthy procession of the caravan, repelling attacks from sand pirates and Embed Beasts.
While the Traveling Turtle's shell is sturdy, it doesn't provide protection for the rider. Therefore, the slave guards on the Defender Traveling Turtle have begun wearing mythical armor. They have become heavily armored units, aligning their protection capabilities with that of the Traveling Turtle.
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