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Social Developments

1.Social Developments Surrounding Blue Crystal: 
In short, blue crystal's unique properties make it both a transformative new energy source and a catalyst for chimerization of different materials. Nonetheless, the associated technology remains an enigma; only the Elmo Polis has made research advances in this area, albeit with a distinct flavor of the occult.
Given that blue crystal is the foundation of all civilization on the Asgardian continent, it was inevitable that there would also be social developments in every kingdom surrounding blue crystal technology and its unique uses.
First, every kingdom uses either chimeras or mobile cities known as kinepolises to mine blue crystal and excavate Arche ruins, moving seasonally in accordance with Caeruluna's phases. They have come to believe that Caeruluna is a celestial body composed of blue crystal.

2.Various Uses of Blue Crystal: 
With the growth of crystallogy, the Archetech Society and the Crystal Guild have become major powers alongside nations and religion institutions.
When it comes to military affairs, every kingdom is racing to unlock the secrets of blue crystal technology so that their relatively primitive feudal society can replicate technology ahead of their time. Nonetheless, uncovering more Archecores and Ymirus mech frames is even more important. Each Archecore is an enormously powerful blue crystal-fueled power generator, while a Ymirus mech frame—once restored—possesses the might of the ancient Ymirus. Thanks to the combination of these technologies, the Arche-Ymirus mechs of legend once again walk the earth.
Furthermore, blue crystal in its energy form can be compressed for storage in what their creator dubbed Ymirus thermoses, or Y-thermoses (Y-θερμός) in their standardized form. Their modular design allows them to be used to power military weapons, industrial equipment, and even Arche-Ymirus mechs, pseudo-Ymirus mechs, and kinepolises. Meanwhile, tribesmen forced to coexist with chimeras feed the blue mushrooms that grow around blue crystal veins to behemoths, who in their turn use an organ called the xenoluce to absorb blue crystal energy and convert it into usable form.
The many uses of blue crystal have given rise not just to research institutions and workshops, but also academies, refineries, and nomadic cultures.
Different kingdoms use different methods to extract blue crystal. For instance, Karsten uses their blue crystal volcano as a convenient way to refine and process blue crystal, giving them an advantage over other countries. They are also unique in their use of blue crystal alloy in casting armor; their aether-armored infantry have won a name for their prowess in battle.
But at the same time, a story has begun to spread in vivid detail. As legend would have it, in ancient times the Xenobeats fed on blue crystal. Now, rumor says that places where Y-thermoses are stored are subject to regular incursions by Xenobeats. But no one has been able to acquire a Xenobeat specimen, so at present their existence remains unproven.

3.Conflict Between the Pro-Development Camp and Environmentalists: 
During the reign of King Grani, the Vecks dug mines and excavated ruins everywhere in a frenzy. The disregard for consequences showed by the pro-development camp had a major impact on ecosystems. Lives were lost in resource wars, while ever more destructive aether weapons caused even more damage to the environment, and overuse of blue crystal led to widespread crystal lung and crystallosis. In response, an environmental movement arose. It seemed as if the strife that led to the fall of civilization in the age of the Ymirus was repeating, as if all had been preordained by the Ancient God.


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