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The Ymirus

The Ymirus live again, they say.

Relevant countries: Kingdom of Veck, Republic of Karsten

Many peoples have legends of the Ymirus. It is said that the Ymirus were a mighty race since time immemorial. They were giants but otherwise appeared human, and possessed wisdom and craft ancient and marvelous, with which they created all the living creatures of the earth.

These peoples believe that before the Ymirus disappeared, they passed their wisdom and craft as well as their very bodies to the people of the continent, ultimately spawning the ancestors of today's peoples and cultures.

As for that long-ago war, it is said that the Ymirus took up arms against the forces of evil to protect the peoples of Asgard. Their enemies were yet more ancient than they, and possessed many faces and many forms, and among these the Xenobeats were the most destructive of all. They rose in force to attack the Ymirus, beginning a war that ended in mutual annihilation.

After the Ymirus died, their bodies were scattered, and merged with the land itself. Their blood vessels became veins of blue crystal in the form of crystallis, flowing ceaselessly beneath the ground and nourishing all creation. The ancients believed that if the bodies of the Ymirus were once again gathered together and nourished with blue crystal energy, they could be resurrected.

At present, there is an uneasy peace, for rumor has it that over the last century, packs of mysterious chimeras have appeared across the land, causing much fear and apprehension.
Beyond mining blue crystal, these peoples are also hastening their search for ruins left behind by the Ymirus, hoping to find both Ymirus mech frames and the secrets of Archecore technology.

There are those who claim to be able to sense the consciousness of the Ymirus; this often becomes a symbol of their nobility. But the families who genuinely possess unique mental abilities are an uncomfortable presence for the royal family and the common people alike.

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