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A History of the Kinepolis

If someone were to ask why the cities of Asgard can move under their own power, it could only mean that they were ignorant of the fact that the terrain and landscape of the Asgardian continent are constantly changing, as is the phase of the moon; underground rivers of crystallis influence the movement of tectonic plates, while blue crystal volcanoes create newly elevated ground and the pull of the blue moon Caeruluna reshapes the sea.

These cities take the form they do in order to avoid natural disasters and cope with the vast landscape of this continent that seems to have a life of its own.
Other than using Ymirus mech frames to reproduce the appearance of the Ymirus, humankind's greatest accomplishment is the creation of the kinepolises. Thse mobile cities are formed by joining modular pieces via a process that replicates the power of chimerism possessed by Xenobeats from the era of the gods; they use power cells for energy and are sustained by the very same Archecores that power Arche-Ymirus mechs.

Kinepolises are used to avoid natural disasters and patrol borders. More importantly, they can be used to seek out and explore Arche ruins, as well as to open and operate blue crystal mines.
Powered by blue crystal energy, multiple kinepolis modules can be joined together into a living habitat, making them humanity's best tool for conquering the harsh environment. Many kinepolis modules are armored, with watchtowers incorporating gun ports. Combined with aether-armored infantry (Arche Soldiers), they can form a battle group. 
Kinepolises can even split apart and mount coordinated attacks using its various parts. Some sections can separate from the main body for the purposes of scouting or battle. Furthermore, different kinepolises can merge together to become a single massive and even more powerful city.


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