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The places where crystal veins intersect often have a dense concentration of blue mist, with strange plants and variegated blue fungi growing everywhere. The behemoths that feed upon these blue fungi are extremely aggressive toward intruders; accordingly, in ancient times, those who went in search of blue crystal took their lives in their hands.
They were unaware that both these behemoths and the Xenobeats alike were created by the hand of the Ancient God, and possessed the god's potent genetic material.

Some of these behemoths survived the calamitous war in ancient times, and went on living and reproducing on the Asgardian continent, multiplying, evolving, and splitting into new lineages. These included water-dwelling crab-like crustaceans and giant land tortoises. Likewise, the ferocious, bad-tempered giant sloths frequently encountered in the forest were responsible for the injury or death of many a hunter. People observed that these behemoths often possessed the traits of multiple species. As a result, they also came to be known as chimeras. 
With the dawn of the Common Era, matters gradually began to change as humanity gained more advanced technology. The various tribes began to use behemoths as beasts of burden. It became quite common to see people riding behemoths to circumvent blue mist, or putting them to work mining blue crystal.

While behemoths proved to be tameable, nearly all the Xenobeats had perished in the ancient war. But over the last century or so, as various kingdoms have begun to extract blue crystal from underground, rumors regarding signs of Xenobeat activity have become the subject of much discussion.
The destruction of the Elmo Polis confirmed these rumors. Many report with great certainty that they have sighted Xenobeats near blue crystal mines. Others insist that the subject of these sightings are not Xenobeats, but rather some kind of giant chimera, inevitably leading to speculation regarding the connection between the two.
The various rumors flying around have caused quite an uproar across the land. Many kingdoms have set to building up their military strength, making ready to face the danger that could arrive at any moment. 

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