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Kingdom of Veck

The Vecks occupy the heart of the Asgardian continent. They take pride in being recipients of the special favor of the gods, and are often loath to acknowledge that their ancestors were barbarians from the Dorian Plateau.
Despite their unbecoming history of marauding, fortune nevertheless has smiled upon the Vecks: Drave the Snake-Eyed discovered underground ruins in a stroke of luck, while Hilda the Clever and the rest of the Five Wise Kings laid down a foundation of strength for their kingdom. 

Most of the Vecks believed that this was the blessing of the ancient Ymirus.

The legends of the Ymirus flourished on the Andalou Plain, and the Vecks grew even more zealous in their search for ancient ruins in step with the deepening of their beliefs. Supposedly, they discovered around ten archaeological sites just in the upper reaches of the Sala River basin; among them, two or three included deep pits hiding Archecores.
These ruins were a treasure trove for the Vecks.
As the secrets of ancient civilization were gradually revealed, Arche-Ymirus engineering and crystallogy became prominent fields of study. Propelled by a spirit of enterprise, the Vecks grew and prospered on their piece of the Asgardian continent. Brimming with energy and drive, they made one advance after another.

Everything would have been perfect—if not for the Karstenites.
It was as if the Ymirus had created the Karstenites precisely for the sake of slowing the Vecks down. The two peoples had been competitors since their shared origins on the Dorian Plateau. Whether on the Dorian Plateau or the Andalou Plain, the Karstenites coveted what the Vecks had and were determined to wrest it away from them—especially the sacred relics recovered from ancient ruins.
This led to the Sack of the Andalou and the Battle of Sala River. Not only did the Karstenites rob the Vecks of many sacred relics, they even crossed the Anjou Mountains to build their own cities and establish their own nation right under the Vecks' nose, and proceeded to raid and harass the Vecks for more than a century.
Fortunately, Karsten finally experienced a serious defeat in the Battle of Four Kings. The signing of the Treaty of Nitias marked the beginning of the long-lasting Bloodless Peace.

It seemed as if the Vecks could finally rest easy. The time was ripe for them to revitalize industry and trade while continuing their archaeology and mining. But, it seemed, it was not the will of the Ymirus to allow them to enjoy their peace.
First came unrest in the Principality of Omar, and with it the depredations of the desert Reptilis tribes on the key trade corridor between Omar and Veck. While the origins of these desert bandits were unknown, it seemed that they had under-the-table dealings with the Vecks' old nemesis—the Karstenites.
To make matters worse, the Great Prophet Marshall prophesied Judgment Day and the fall of the Kingdom of Veck with his dying breath, causing consternation among the Vecks.
In what might have been the rippling after effects of previous events or a warning of things to come, mysterious chimeras were sighted all over the kingdom, moving through the blue mist and attacking humans and animals. Inevitably, this brought to mind the legends of the terrifying Xenobeats.
Then the Elmo Polis, which should have been a Xenobeat stronghold, fell victim to the Xenobeat Revolt. The reinforcements Veck sent were lost in the city, their final fates unknown.
With this, King Granit could no longer refrain from acting. He committed himself to building up Veck's military strength, with the intention of launching the Arche-Ymirus Resurrection Project.


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