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The Xenobeats are said to be terrifying creatures. Though few of the long-ago inhabitants of the Asgardian continent actually encountered them, the stone carvings excavated in multiple locations make it clear that the Xenobeats once lived—and, it seems, still live to this day.
According to the songs of the ancients, the Xenobeats and their potent destructive power played a decisive role in a war in the ancient past. That war ended in brutal fashion—nearly all the Ymirus and Xenobeats vanished from the face of the earth.
Most believe that the Xenobeats have retreated deep beneath the earth. When the time is right, they will emerge again into the world above.
It is widely supposed that the Xenobeats feed on blue crystal and have complex subterranean hives—a belief supported by evidence discovered in underground ruins. They often lurk in the vicinity of veins of blue crystal.

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