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The Moon

Caeruluna lives eternal, they affirm.

Relevant countries: Principality of Omar, desert Reptilis tribes

The many desert tribes revere the blue moon Caeruluna above all else. This belief has developed into a religion with complex customs and rituals, a system of symbols, and the tenet that everything is predestined.
Having observed a certain synchrony between Caeruluna's cyclical changes and the movement of crystallis beneath the earth, these tribes believe that veins of blue crystal run through Caeruluna just like the earth, and that there is a certain arcane communion between moon and earth that shapes the fates of all creation.
Blue crystal is not limited to merely solid or liquid states. After extraction, it can sublimate into a gas that responds to Caeruluna's pull and gathers on the moon, creating an unbroken cycle. Furthermore, by virtue of Caeruluna's blessing, blue crystal veins can take on a fourth state of pure energy, capable of generating unparalleled power. Only a god can comprehend blue crystal in this form.

For these peoples, exploring the uses of blue crystal in its many forms is an expression of their devotion.
Together, their conception of the blue crystal cycle and their system of symbols form a complete system of religious thought. Within the religion, de facto power belongs to the high priest of Caeruluna, who commands many priests and warrior monks; every member of the tribe is a believer.
While they acknowledge the existence of the Ymirus, they hold that the Ymirus originally existed only in broken pieces. Caeruluna aided them in fusing their pieces together, and dispatched them to the surface to protect all creation and send blue crystal on its journey to and from the moon. But time passed, and the Ymirus became discontent with their lot, and desired to take all the blue crystal that remained for themselves. For this they were once again dismembered by Caeruluna as punishment.
The only true god abides in Caeruluna; all other worship is heresy.

As for the phases of the moon, it is believed that when Caeruluna's color goes from warm to cold, it portends death for humankind.
Schisms have arisen over the long history of this religion; there are many diverging viewpoints on what the god wills. Some hold that there is no need to change their doings, even as Caeruluna rises and falls in the sky. Others maintain when the Cold Moon approaches, blue crystal should be extracted more swiftly, so it can be vaporized and sent up to to Caeruluna to stabilize the phase of the moon.

Then there is a coven of heretical witches who believe that their god has already abandoned the world. Only by seeking blue crystal in its fourth form of pure energy can humanity summon the god to return, and pass the ultimate test set by Caeruluna.

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