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Reptilis Tribes

The Reptilis tribes are a group of desert bandits of unknown origin who roam around the edges of the Principality of Omar. They have a unique way of life, as well as unique tactics and unique weaponry. Most importantly, even their mindset is unique. They are exceptionally brutal to their enemies; as a result, they are often referred to as a bloodthirsty pack of wolves. But they are devoted to their fellow tribesmen, and would never abandon or betray them.

No one among the Eight Kingdoms is quite certain what religion the Reptilis tribes follow. Some say they belong to a sect of Caerulunism, while others believe they descend from assassin-warrior monks who were banished from Omar and eventually settled here and raid Omari trade routes as revenge for past humiliation.
Meanwhile, the neighboring Republic of Karsten is very interested in them. As rumor would have it, in the past the Parliament of Knights sent an envoy to the leadership of the Reptilis tribes and established contact with Mossa, their head chief.
Thereafter, Reptilis tribesmen have been spotted in Karsten at irregular intervals, often frightening ordinary Karstenites with their unusual dress.
Certain traveling merchants who have had conflicts with Reptilis tribesman claim with great certainty that mechs discarded by Karsten have appeared among the ranks of Reptilis tribesmen, dramatically increasing their mobility.
But these are only rumors. The Reptilis tribes are widely reviled; even if Karsten really does have dealings with them, it would never admit to it.

Meanwhile, the assassins guild has been notably more active over the last decade. They conceal themselves in merchant caravans, traveling across the land through trade networks and assassinating members of royalty and other powerful, important people despite the best efforts of the various kingdoms to ward them off.

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