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The Xenobeats

Follow the Xenobeats, they cry.

Relevant countries: Elmo Polis

This mythology took form relatively late—likely not until after humankind became aware of blue crystal's existence and made the shocking discovery of petroglyphs depicting Xenobeats in subterranean ruins. Certain peoples began to worship these mighty Xenobeats, desperately seeking to draw nearer to them and discover their origins—nearly to the point of madness. They realized that the Xenobeats feed on blue crystal and have enormous hives deep underground, which themselves are home to ancient ruins that seem to be connected to the ancient Ymirus.

Many believe that the Xenobeats were created by the Ymirus, but ultimately surpassed their creators. The Ymirus used them to mine blue crystal; but when the Ymirus turned to evil, the Xenobeats rose in rebellion against them and tore them into pieces.
As their worship of the Xenobeats deepened, these peoples diverged further and further from the other inhabitants of Asgard, dwelling in the eternal darkness of caves. They declared for all to hear that though the Xenobeats metamorphosed from the Ymirus, they are the true lords of all creation, rulers of all that lives. All the blue crystal of the earth rightfully belongs to them; those who make wanton use of it will ultimately suffer their divine retribution.


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